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30 Days o’ Horror: 2011 Edition

Horror movies are the best, you guys! Logically, October is also the best. Even though I’m watching horror films all year long, when October rolls around, I tend to go overboard with things.

You’ll notice there are very few horror “classics” on this list—Exorcist, Night of the Living Dead, Alien, etc. I’ve seen all these movies way too many times. The point of this month-long exercise is to purposely expose myself to as many movies as possible that I haven’t seen. The rare exceptions here are movies like The Blair Witch Project, which I haven’t watched in years because it effin’ terrifies me.

Many will be hard to find! Many of them you may have to get a hold of from strange, exotic places! I have, however, done my homework and picked all of these from solid sources. They should be pretty terrific films. It does bum me out that I can’t recommend some of my favorite scary ass movies from the last few years in the list, so I’ll do it here: Martyrs, [rec], The Entity, Them, House of the Devil.

Have fun! Turn the lights off! Get yourself a drink! I know I’ll need one.

October 1: The Beyond

October 2: Street Trash

October 3: Triangle

October 4: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (note: trailer is spoilery of kill scenes)

October 5: Night of the Creeps

October 6: Castle Freak

October 7: Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

October 8: City of the Living Dead

October 9: The Hitcher

October 10: Frontiers

October 11: Shivers

October 12: They Came Back

October 13: Without Warning

October 14: The Thing (remake)

October 15: The Woman

October 16: Dead Heat

October 17: Yellow Brick Road

October 18: The Changeling

October 19: Burnt Offerings

October 20: The Blair Witch Project

October 21: Paranormal Activity 3

October 22: Psycho II

October 23: The Nameless

October 24: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

October 25: Altered States

October 26: In the Mouth of Madness

October 27: Society

October 28: The Stuff

October 29: Apartment 1303

October 30: Evil Bong 3D

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